The operation of the school is based on the guidelines of the EDB.


Pre-Nursery - 2 to 2.8 years old
Children-teacher ratio is 10 to 1



We provide an interactive setting to stimulate language and self-help skills.


Our Playschool is licensed by the Social Welfare Department. Our environment encourages children to actively explore and develop confidence. This process is enhanced through a series of stimulating apparatus based on the Montessori philosophy. Children are given opportunities to work independently and in small groups to learn basic concepts of practical life and basic number skills, to develop language construction skills and to experience culture appreciation. Furthermore, a child's impression of the world is developed through sensorial activities.

Nursery Class - 2.8 to 4 years old

Children-teacher ratio is  10 to 1

We provide an enriching environment which promotes children's self esteem, enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards learning!

Our Preschool is registered under section 13 of the Education Ordinance. We provide a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities challenging children to learn through play and exploration.


Language skills are developed through appropriate expressions of feelings and through social interaction. Children will be exposed to the awareness of English phonics through music and movement, story telling and hand signs.


Hands-on maths encourages children to explore spatial relationships, shapes, one to one correspondence, number recognition, comparing, classification and seriation.


Topical projects developed through children's interest provide an environment for children to make decisions, foster positive self-awareness, and develop social, reasoning, coordination skills and creativity.

Lower Class - 4-5 years old

Children-teacher ratio  is 15 to 1

We provide an exciting environment for children to discover and explore and to become an active decision-maker through the process of learning!

Our Preschool continues to provide a creative and educational environment for children to use their 5 senses to gain general and specific knowledge that will contribute to the development of concepts. The curriculum is designed to encourage children to learn through asking questions, making their own discoveries, evaluating their actions, taking risks and making mistakes.


Our Putonghua programme not only develops our children's Putonghua skills, but also gives our children a cultural awareness of being a member of the Chinese society.


Information technology will be integrated into the curriculum to challenge the children to learn through computers and a variety of developmentally appropriate software.

Upper Class - 5-6 years old

Children-teacher ratio  is 15 to 1

Our inspiring learning environment encourages children to ask, think and prove critically. They will be equipped with lifelong interest and skills in problem-solving and creative thinking.


Our upper class curriculum is comprehensive and in line with that of primary school's, including areas of focus in language, mathematics, science, music, physical, creative learning, etc. Its child-centered activities are specially designed to elicit each child's learning abilities and passion.